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Oral Cancer and Pre-Cancer 1-2-3

Dr. Samson NgDr. Catherine PohSpeaker:Drs. Catherine Poh and Samson Ng
CE credits:
Modality: On demand course for the dental team

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Overview: This course provides updated information on the epidemiological information in incidence, mortality and risk factors of oral cancer and provides information on how to assess an oral lesion and submit a biopsy.


A Big Issue About a Little Tissue 

Joel Fransen Speaker: Dr. Joel Fransen
CE credits: 2
Modality: On demand course for dentists, CDAs & RDHs. 

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Overview: Using real-life cases of non-odontogenic pathology, learn when to test, how to test and how to interpret test results for endodontic diagnosis and treatment applicable to everyday general dentistry.


Responsible Antibiotic Use in Dentistry

David PatrickRay GrewalSpeaker: Drs. David Patrick, MD and Ray Grewal, DMD
CE credits: 3
Modality: On demand course for the dental team

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Overview: The entire dental team will benefit from reviewing trends in dental antibiotic prescribing, the pros and cons of antibiotic use for common dental syndromes and advice on preferred antibiotic regimens.


Blueprint for Ideal Implant Esthetics I and II

Sonia Leziy Speaker: Dr. Sonia Leziy
CE credits: 3
Modality: On demand course for dentists

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Overview: In Blueprint for Ideal Implant Estheticts I and II, Dr. Leziy will dissect implant treatment into key concepts and procedures, illustrating how these steps are crucial to a highly successful esthetic outcome.