Study Clubs around BC 

Study clubs provide an unparalleled clinical training experience for dentists at all levels of their careers. Study clubs provide a medium to increase knowledge and clinical skills in new concepts and technology while encouraging discussion and information sharing with peers. The College of Dental Surgeons of BC maintains a list of study clubs across BC.


Clinical expertise is gained in a "hands-on" small group format with individualized instruction and reinforced by repetition. Success comes through visualizing the desired outcome, learning each of the steps in the process, and applying them both by repetition and by observation of the work of one's colleagues.


Contact between like-minded individuals meeting at a study club on a regular basis helps sustain enthusiasm for the process. Friendships develop that result in the free exchange of ideas and information that may range well beyond the particular focus of the study club itself. This is a significant benefit to practitioners is solo practice.


Serve as opportunities for seasoned dentists to mentor new dentists on best practices, problem solving and leadership in a safe and encouraging environment. Members facing clinic challenges in their practices can discuss decision options and actions in a supportive peer review environment.


Provide an excellent opportunity for staff members to learn together so dental care may then be delivered more reliably and efficiently in the practice setting.