Webcast Lectures

Using web conferencing technology, webcast lectures allow an unlimited number of participants to attend lectures online from their home or office computer. This format offers easy access to speakers that you may not be able to see in person.

  • 1 to 3 hours long
  • Learners hear and see the speaker and their presentation (including video and photography)
  • Questions can be asked via phone or online Q&A chat box 
  • Webcast must be viewed using a PC/Mac computer. Mobile phones and tablets are not supported. 
  • Dedicated phone line required. We do not use VOIP to ensure you stay connected even if you lose your internet connection.
  • Real time third party IT support available by phone throughout the lecture
  • May be eligible for CE credits

Tech Requirements

The CE Program's online content works well with most web browsers. We recommend you always use the "second to most current" version of browsers. The current version of browsers may not always be completely stable. This will make sure our web pages display quickly, and that you have the latest security updates.