General Health

Your dental health and general health are connected.

Your mouth helps you to speak, eat a wide variety of foods and is important for your self-confidence and overall well-being.

Untreated dental disease can lead to pain and infection. Individuals with dental pain may have difficulty chewing and digesting food. They may experience difficulty sleeping and their self-esteem may be affected. There is also growing evidence that inflammation from gum disease can increase your risk of heart disease, diabetes or other inflammatory illnesses.

A decline in general health can also impact your oral health. Many medications cause dry mouth which can increase an individual's risk of disease. Older adults may have difficulty caring for their teeth due to multiple factors (such as arthritis or dementia) which can lead to a rapid decline in their dental health.  

Brushing twice daily, flossing, eating a balanced diet and visiting your dentist regularly can benefit your oral and overall health. Ensure you talk to your dentist about any health-related concerns, and always update them on any changes to your health and medications you may be taking.