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Statements & Releases



  • November 1, Letter to the Editor: Comox Valley Record

    BCDA responded publicly to a Letter to the Editor in the Oct. 27 Comox Valley Record, in which a patient criticized a local dental practice for not disclosing the vaccination status of their staff. BCDA provided a written response to the publication, which is now on the newspaper’s website. The letter emphasized the stringent infection control procedures, and additional COVID-19 protocols BC dental teams are employing. View the original letter.

  • October 15, Statement: Private Dental Offices Currently Excluded from PHO Order
    The British Columbia Dental Association supports the Provincial Health Officer’s order requiring all health professionals working within public health care settings, including dentists working in hospitals, long term care facilities etc., to be vaccinated against COVID-19 by October 26, 2021.

    The order includes a notice that this will apply to health professionals and staff in private settings, including dentistry, at some point in the future. Our position, as stated on September 24 is that all health care workers should be vaccinated to reduce the prevalence and harms of COVID-19 and bring an end to this pandemic.

    As oral health care professionals, it is our duty to protect the health of our patients and staff. While the dental profession’s established infection control measures are outstanding, it must do everything possible to reduce the severity of illness and bring the case count down, including being vaccinated against COVID-19.

    BCDA stands in strong support with the Provincial Health Officer, the Ministry of Health, and College of Dental Surgeons of British Columbia.
  • September 24, Statement: Position on COVID-19 Vaccination for Health Care Workers, Including Oral Health Care Professionals
    The British Columbia Dental Association (BCDA) Board of Directors have agreed, after careful deliberation, to stand in strong support with the Canadian Dental Association, BC Centre for Disease Control, and Doctors of BC in the position that COVID-19 vaccines are science-based, safe, effective and have been thoroughly investigated; and support the call to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations for BC health care workers, including oral health care professionals.

    Earlier this year, at the request of members, BCDA successfully advocated for dentists to receive the COVID-19 vaccine earlier than the general public, and to also become vaccine administrators.

    This reflects our commitment, as health care providers, to protect the health of patients as well as dentists and staff. We have seen first-hand what vaccines have done to reduce the severity of illness and the number of cases. While our recommendation is non-binding, with the highly transmissible Delta variant now being the dominant strain in BC, BCDA strongly recommends and encourages our members and their staff to get vaccinated.
  • March 10, Statement: BCDA Pleased with Dental Professionals' Inclusion in Phase 2 Vaccine Roll-out 

    The British Columbia Dental Association (BCDA) is pleased with the BC Government’s decision to include community-based dentists and their clinical staff teams in Phase 2 of the vaccine roll-out. While all vaccine delivery is dependent on vaccine supply and logistical planning in each health authority, dentists in the Fraser Health and Vancouver Coastal Health authority regions have been invited to book vaccination appointments. Dentists have also been approved as vaccinators in the Provincial Health Officer’s February 23 Public Health Order.  

    BCDA has no position on which specific vaccine is used for dentists and their clinical teams, and appreciates the effort required by each health authority to deliver the vaccine roll-out as quickly as possible. 

    Dentists safely administer injections several times a day as a regular part of their practice and can competently support the government's immunization effort. Our members are pleased to contribute to this critical community service that will benefit all British Columbians.