Membership Benefits

We're here for YOU.

BCDA member benefits are designed to save you time and moneyreduce your stress and risk of problems - and help you be a successful practitioner. We also educate the public on oral health issues through our biannual YourDentalHealth (YDH) campaigns.

Individual Support Services & Benefits

  • The Dental Wellness Program (DWP) is a free, confidential clinical counselling program available to members and their families.

  • Our Member Support team provides one-to-one practice and office staff assistance for all member dentists, including a mediation program to help settle conflicts between members and with patients.

  • Our dental staff salary report is issued annually and available only to members on our member website.

  • Members and their families or their dental teams have access to Extended Health Benefits through Pacific Blue Cross.

  • Members have access to malpractice insurance, legal expense insurance and financial planning services through CDSPI.

  • Exclusive discounts are available for members in the areas of Health & Wellness, Accommodation, Travel, and Services such as phone providers, vehicle purchase discounts and PPE providers.

Supporting Your Practice

  • Members have access to BCDA's annual Suggested Fee Guides.

  • Members can post classified listings for associate positions, practice sales, dental staff positions, etc.

  • Member website with office management resources, templates and forms, etc.

Events and Continuing Education

Member Publications & Resources

  • Members receive the bridge member magazine (print) and Member Update (emails) including time sensitive Issue Alerts.

Public Education & Advocacy

  • BCDA produces the Biannual YourDentalHealth public education campaign to educate the public on the key dental issues and to recruit dental assistants and dental staff. 

  • Our Save a Smile program provides direct care funding support for at risk children 1-18 yrs (administered through regional public health staff hygienists).

  • BCDA provides government and stakeholder advocacy on numerous issues.