Wellness Support For the Dental Office

Dentist Wellness Program (DWP)

The Dentist Wellness Program provides discreet, confidential support for BC dentists and their families through experienced program staff and/or an extensive network of counsellors, therapists and coaches. The program helps with a wide range of issues, including substance use, mental health, relationship stress, career and life transitions, peer support, workplace relationships and concern for colleagues. Get more information on how DWP can help you.

Contact DWP 24/7:  1-800-661-9199

Tom Rapanakis
Executive Director, PHP

Roxanne Joyce
Manager, Clinical Services

Patzi Baranowska
Manager, Operations

Felicia Phan
Health and Wellness Liaison

“I was able to speak to my Clinical Coordinator and cry my heart out. She listened and directed me to a counsellor. Being able to speak to a grief counsellor promptly was a little challenging, but I was able to. Somebody put in an effort to try to heal my heart in my time of need and for that I shall always be indebted to DWP”
– Mid-Career Dentist

Support for BC Dental Staff

The Member Assistance Program (MAP) is a no-cost, 24/7/365, confidential service available to all members of the dental team. Through MAP, dental staff have access to help and guidance with the prevention and management of a wide range of health, work and relationship issues.

Contact MAP 24/7:  1-844-578-4040  or workhealthlife.com *Enter BCDA when prompted.