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Canadian Dental Care Plan Updates for Patients

Meet the DWP Team Members

Program Physicians

Dr. Anne Nguyen, MD, CCFP(AM), diplSAM
Physician Lead

Dr. Kathleen McGarvey, MD FRCPC
Consultant Physician

Dr. Joyce Coutts, MD CCFP(AM, COE) dABAM

Dr. Peter Gibson, MD FRCPC

Dr. Maureen Mayhew, MDCM MPH PCC

Dr. Doug McGhee, MD CCFP(AM) CCSAM

Dr. Karen Palmer, MD FRCPC

Clinical Coordinators

Julie Longo, MScOT

Kristina Auman, RSW MSW

Dalal Badawi, MSW

Dolores Langford, PT, DPT

Emily Fetterly, RN, MScN

Hilary Nolle, RN

Alice Watson, RMN, MSc (NMC UK)

Governance, Outreach, and Administration

Tom Rapanakis
Executive Director, PHP

Roxanne Joyce
Manager, Clinical Services

Patzi Baranowska
Manager, Operations

Felicia Phan
Health and Wellness Liaison

Michaela Arimare
Senior Administrative Assistant

Mark Lee
Project Manager

Natasha Dias,
Senior Administrative Assistant

Ines Becker
Administrative Assistant

Niki Hearn
Administrative Assistant