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Canadian Dental Care Plan Updates for Patients

This membership category is available to all dentists who hold any of the following BCCOHP licenses: Non-Practicing, Academic, Limited (Education), Limited (Volunteer), or is retired from dentistry and lives in British Columbia, or outside of British Columbia within Canada. The BCDA encourages ongoing professional involvement through this membership selection.

Benefits of Membership

Being a retired member provides access to the following programs and services:

  • Access to Classified listings for associate positions and practice sales, etc.

  • Confidential support and advice for members and their immediate family through the CDSPI Members' Assistance Program (MAP)

  • Complimentary registration to the Pacific Dental Conference prior to the early bird deadline and an invitation to the annual Toothfairy Gala and BCDA Awards.

  • Exclusive discounts are available in the areas of Health & Wellness, Accommodation, Travel, and Services such as phone providers, vehicle purchase discounts and PPE providers.

  • Members receive the bridge member magazine (print) and Member Update (emails) including time sensitive Issue Alerts
  • BCDA offers on-demand courses through our BCDA Learning Portal and in-person courses.

Limited Membership Sub-Categories


  • In BC: Dentists holding an active Non-Practicing BCCOHP License are eligible ($260)
  • Outside of BC: Dentists holding an active Non-Practicing License from another jurisdiction within Canada are eligible ($350)


  • Dentists holding an active Academic BCCOHP License are eligible ($900)


  • Dentists holding an active Education BCCOHP License are eligible ($900)


  • Dentists holding an active Volunteer BCCOHP License are eligible ($0)


  • In BC: Dentists that no longer practice dentistry, and have resigned from the BCCOHP are eligible ($260)
  • Outside of BC: Dentists that no longer practice dentistry, and have resigned from another jurisdiction within Canada are eligible ($350)

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