Students in one of the following categories are eligible for membership:
  • University of BC student in 1st to 4th year dental program

  • Post-graduate/Resident/Intern participating in full-time accredited CDAC/CODA dental post-graduate, intern or residency programs and registered with the CDSBC

  • Graduating class of full-time accredited CDAC/CODA dental program outside BC

  • Foreign Trained (NDEB candidate)

Benefits of Membership

Being a student member provides access to the following benefits:

  • Dental students can receive a special package of no-cost life, disability and accident and dental instrument insurance while in school, with no medical required. For dental students to qualify for free CDSPI disability and life insurance while they are in dental school, the student must be: (1) enrolled at an accredited dental school in Canada, (2) a permanent resident in Canada; or, a Canadian citizen

  • Access to Classified listings for associate positions and practice sales, etc.

  • Member website with locum and associate agreement templates, office management resources, templates and forms, etc.

  • Confidential support and advice for members and their immediate family through the CDSPI Members' Assistance Program (MAP)

  • Complimentary registration to the Pacific Dental Conference prior to the early bird deadline and an invitation to the annual Toothfairy Gala and BCDA Awards.

  • Exclusive discounts are available in the areas of Health & Wellness, Accommodation, Travel, and Services such as phone providers, vehicle purchase discounts and PPE providers.

  • Members receive the bridge member magazine (print) and Member Update (emails) including time sensitive Issue Alerts
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